Alumni Spotlight


Alumni Spotlights




Allyson Rothrock, Class of 2012

Allyson Rothrock
President, The Harvest Foundation
Martinsville, VA

How has your Lead Virginia experience influenced or shaped you as a leader?
It has broadened my understanding of what goes on across the Commonwealth. Prior to this experience, I was only focused on my community, and the broader experience I got from Lead Virginia helped me look across all views of the Commonwealth. The biggest thing that has changed for me since Lead Virginia is my understanding of how others are dealing with issues in their communities, and how I can apply those ideas to my community. 

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Teri Lovelace, Class of 2015

Teri Lovelace
President, LOCUS Impact Investing
Richmond, VA

How has your Lead Virginia experience influenced or shaped you as a leader?
I now have a much broader perspective in my thinking, particularly when it comes to rural communities and understanding the unique needs in rural area such as southwestern and southern Virginia. Lead Virginia allowed me to look at the bigger picture, which inspired me to launch a new foundation at VCC that would help in rural areas across the nation. 

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