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LEAD VIRGINIA should be required for all Chamber Exec's. I met with one of our Board of Supervisors this morning and referred to several of the elements in LEAD VIRGINIA presentations in supporting progress in Culpeper. Nothing could provide more range of perspective for community progress than LEAD VIRGINIA. I draw from the experience almost every day. The Alumni that set the agenda in each community deliver rare and significant insight into the success and near successes in their regions.

My Board asked that I write about some of the sessions after I attended them. One of our local newspapers published my writing as articles. They were also received well by those in the regions that I wrote about enhancing my social capital as well as that of my community. We also published them at our Chamber Blog.

I am glad to discuss my experience with any that are interested.Our region is stronger and smarter as a result of our investment in LEAD VIRGINIA.

Jim Charapich, President & CEO, Culpeper Chamber of Commerce, Culpeper
LEAD VIRGINIA Class of 2013

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