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Our Mission & Goals

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Our Mission

Lead Virginia convenes leaders on the issues that matter most to the Commonwealth.

Our Goals

Lead Virginia seeks to build social capital through a forum for:

  • Exploring each of Virginia’s diverse regions’ distinct opportunities and challenges.
  • Delivering insights that leave each participant better prepared to lead the Commonwealth
  • Surrounding a select group of leaders with the Commonwealth’s most experienced and talented professional

In past years, the Commonwealth’s corporate and civic leaders knew each other by name and face. Today, that is no longer true. As Virginia has grown in complexity, with an influx of new industries and a more diverse population, combined with the impact of the global economy, leaders with a shared, statewide perspective are few.

Lead Virginia creates a strong network statewide of high performing, solutions-oriented leaders who become a priceless resource for the Commonwealth’s future. Our graduates are challenged to work within and outside the political arena to usher in positive change for the state. Lead Virginia prepares these leaders to:

  • Identify common statewide challenges, opportunities, priorities and solutions
  • Understand individual challenges, priorities and concerns
  • Focus more on the greater good for all Virginians and less on regional and partisan priorities when acting on the state level
  • Solve problems and seek wise public policy and visionary infrastructure that will take Virginia into the future

Every Lead Virginia class creates a unique bond as they step outside of their professional niches and share the experience of exploring Virginia’s diverse regions, each with its distinct opportunities and challenges. The program is endorsed by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and state universities. Many other states successfully organize similar programs, making this a proven model for developing a statewide network of informed and engaged leaders.


Alumni Stories

Brent Archer

Class of 2009