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Before you submit the application below, please be sure to have your resume, issue description, and application fee ready. Please note, the application will automatically time out after 20 minutes.

The deadline to apply for the Lead Virginia Class of 2025 is February 1, 2025.

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Community and Leadership Education

Have you completed a community leadership program or other leadership education or training? If so, please list the program(s) and year(s) completed and note your volunteer or leadership roles.
How are you currently serving in your community, your region or the Commonwealth? List organizations and positions held.
Lead Virginia’s primary objective is to build social capital. To accomplish this objective, our alumni consist of prominent leaders throughout the Commonwealth. Please explain your current leadership role(s) and the value that you will bring to the Lead Virginia alumni base.


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Scholarship Assistance

Will scholarship assistance be necessary for you to participate in Lead Virginia?
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Issue Description

Describe your personal views on the following topic: What are the two most pressing issues or challenges facing Virginia today? Explain why and offer recommendations for approaching and solving these challenges. The suggested length of response is no more than one-half page.

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Statement of Commitment

Attendance at all programs sessions is strongly urged. Participants who miss more than two sessions will be asked to withdraw.
I understand Lead Virginia's attendance policy and will participate in all programs to the best of my ability.