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Apply for 2021


Application Process

Candidates for Lead Virginia may apply by completing the online application form.

Be sure to have the following materials ready to submit with your application:

  • A current résumé, curriculum vitae or biographical sketch
  • An issue description, as instructed on the application form
  • A nonrefundable application fee of $100, payable by cash, check (mailed to the Lead Virginia office) or credit card. Credit cards will be accepted online, through PayPal, when an application is submitted.

Applications are due February 1, 2021. Qualified applicants will be notified of the selection committee’s decision by February 15. If selected, participants will be billed for tuition to cover program costs, overnight accommodations and meals. If you accept the invitation to participate in the Lead Virginia program, the deadline for tuition payment is March 31. Payment plan options are available and must be approved by the Lead Virginia office by March 15.

Attendance Policy

Attendance at all program sessions is strongly urged. Participants who miss more than two sessions will be asked to withdraw. Please review the Program Session Dates carefully and mark them on your calendar now.


Alumni Stories

Bernie Neimeier

Class of 2007