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Dario O. Marquez, Jr., Class of 2009

Dario O. Marquez, Jr.
Co-Founder and EVP, Wize Solutions LLC
McLean, VA

What was the biggest takeaway or lesson learned from Lead Virginia that continues to stick with you today?
My biggest takeaway was that Virginia is blessed with abundant natural resources and great people. Also, by working together, any challenge we face is well within our abilities to resolve. read more>



Robert S. Dendy, Jr., Class of 2009

Robert S. Dendy, Jr.
President and CEO, HumanKind 
Lynchburg, VA

What was the biggest takeaway or lesson learned from Lead Virginia that continues to stick with you today? 
Pick up the phone. Make the call. Take the meeting. Get out of the office. Go and see. Building social capital means sharing the wisdom, knowledge and network we have while appreciating what others share with us. Whether it’s a vineyard in far southwest Virginia or a microchip maker outside of DC, people are people. If we look, we can find more similarities than differences. read more>



Nick Langridge, Class of 2009

Nick Langridge

Vice President, University Advancement
James Madison University

What is new and exciting with you now or since your LEAD VIRGINIA class year?

After graduating 13 years ago, James Madison University continues to be where I go to work every day. I guess that makes me a "Failure to launch!" Thankfully, I continue to be offered new and meaningful ways to serve my alma mater. Since completing from LEAD VIRGINIA in 2009, I took on additional roles for University Planning and Institutional Research along with my position as Assistant to the President. This was followed by a chance to work on the Presidential Transition at JMU as the secretary to the presidential search committee, something that occurs very rarely for at the time we had only five presidents in our 104 year history. This type of continuity is extraordinary in Higher Education and the university has benefitted from prudent leaders who have governed with a long-term perspective to frame decision making. A national search yielded our sixth President, Jonathan R. Alger who was just inaugurated in March. In the midst of the transition, outgoing President Linwood H. Rose afforded me the chance to serve as the Acting Vice President of University Advancement. After a year in that acting role, President Alger and the Board of Visitors graciously made my position permanent and that is where I currently serve today. James Madison has a very people centered culture, it's one of those places that offers more than just a job, it feels like your life's work.

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