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Christopher Davidson, Class of 2015

Christopher Davidson
Director of Corporate Sustainability, WestRock LLC
Richmond, VA

What was the biggest takeaway or lesson learned from Lead Virginia that continues to stick with you today?

My biggest takeaway is that our power to create positive change is greater when we recognize that our differences are benefits, not impediments. Everyone brings value to the table we just have to be willing to recognize it and work together. We may not always agree on how to solve a problem, or even if there is a problem, but if we can discuss things openly, we can find a way to work out our issues. 

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Ron Murray, Class of 2015

Ron Murray
Vice President, Quality and Process Excellence
Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries
Newport News, VA

How has your Lead Virginia experience influenced or shaped you as a leader?
Lead Virginia has helped expose me to the “bigger picture’. Not just in the challenges across the Commonwealth, but in how the different localities have responded to those challenges. Each area we visited was an eye-opening experience. Equally as important was the perspectives shared by each member of my class as we discussed those challenges. The class was very diverse and with that diversity comes a wide array of experiences, opinions and solutions.

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Teri Lovelace, Class of 2015

Teri Lovelace
President, LOCUS Impact Investing
Richmond, VA

How has your Lead Virginia experience influenced or shaped you as a leader?
I now have a much broader perspective in my thinking, particularly when it comes to rural communities and understanding the unique needs in rural area such as southwestern and southern Virginia. Lead Virginia allowed me to look at the bigger picture, which inspired me to launch a new foundation at VCC that would help in rural areas across the nation. 

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